Brand or Culture?

In challenging times it is now more than ever that we need to ensure our brand forms the glue required to retain and grow business. In one sense, perhaps the most important sense, a brand is a promise.

However, for many they perceive a brand as just a clever marketing ploy, gimmick or campaign that will entice consumers into our business, but what then, does the delivery meet expectations.

Consider this fact, most retail and professional business environments today far outstrip those of the past, yet the latest surveys indicate we are failing our consumers expectations at a higher rate than in the past.

We have more product, sourced at better rates and sold at lower margins, consumers have never had it better in Australia, yet we are failing their expectations.

After reviewing both quantitive and qualitative research, I find that consumers still value brand relationships and will pay higher for perceived value, but they also often feel they can do better, particularly online.

The value of a purchase is not in what the producer puts in, but what the consumer takes out, critical is ensuring you are positioned correctly on the price versus desire table and it doesn’t mater whether you are selling service’s, luxury products or hamburgers, analysis linked to your brand value will ensure alignment to consumer desire.

Reviewing some iconic businesses they rank high on the scale, these include Coca-Cola, Apple, McDonalds, Pampers and BMW and all fully integrate brand or culture into everything they do.“The art of being Apple”