There is no person I could recommend higher than Peter. His infectious energy and steely determination make him one of the most focused executives I have worked alongside. Peter has an unique ability to get the very best result from any situation and an uncanny knack of engaging people in the process. A true professional.

Peter epitomizes focus, diligence and being results orientated. Having worked with Peter for more than two years as major series co-sponsors within the Motorsport sector, I have had the privilege of witnessing Peter exude an innate ability to think laterally in order to grow the Auto-One network within a highly competitive arena. Peter is a change agent and established professional who constantly pushes himself and his business, ensuring status quo is not an option. A commercially astute, diplomatic, and well thought leader, Peter is an individual whom I have the utmost respect for, who has been a pleasure to work with, and most importantly someone to learn from.