Close That Sale!

The art of being a sales person is slowly being lost in retail and why not, we have the perfect excuse “They bought it Online”. However, when we break it down this is just not true less than 6% of total sales are online and of those only 1.3% of total sales are lost overseas…..
For the first 10 years of my working life I was surrounded by commission based sales people and one key area that came up in every management meeting was close the sale, don’t let the customer get away! Every now and then we employed really technical, passionate people and they would fail more times than succeed, all because they lacked the closing skill. They achieved 80 percent of the required pitch, they engaged, sold the features and benefits, raised the passion levels in the customers, they just could’t do the hard bit “CLOSE THE SALE”
Now consider your current teams selling process and how it relies more on a flash showroom, pretty pictures and omni-channel marketing, with staff just required to say hello as I enter the business and thank you when I leave! I get so frustrated, rather if they were required to come up and engage with me, worked out what my needs and wants and sell it to me, then say thank you see you again soon. How does this resonate with your current sales process, simply we are encouraging consumers online because in some ways the service is better and certainly faster!
So at your next management meeting please discuss